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        Reverence for Life

    We hold life sacred from conception to natural death. We support policies and services that assist pregnant women to make life-affirming choices.

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        Human Dignity

    We believe that each person has a right to access the basic necessities of life. We advocate for food and income security for all and pay special attention to the needs of women and children.

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        Restorative Justice

    We believe that the dignity of the human person applies to both victim and offender. We advocate for restorative justice policies for all impacted by the criminal justice system.

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    We support—as a matter of justice—access to a high quality education for all children.  We affirm that all parents have both the right and the responsibility to be involved in their childrens' education.

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       Family & Marriage

    We support and defend the institution of marriage as the basic foundation of society.  We advocate for tax, workplace, welfare and divorce policies that enhance family unity.

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        Religious Liberty

    We affirm our religious liberty, which is guaranteed in both the U.S. Constitution and the California state constitution.

Oakland: Walking to End Violence

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bishop-barberIn an effort to reduce murderous violence on the streets of poor communities, Oakland Bishop Michael Barber recently joined two community walks down often-unsafe urban streets.

Barber joined more than 50 people on September 5 in the interdenominational Ceasefire Night Walk through the heart of Richmond, an area with an on-going history of bloody violence.

The walk began at St. Mark Church, where Rev. Ramiro Flores, pastor, has been a leader in the anti-violence effort.

To their victims Barber said “We enfold you in our hearts and pray that God will give you, the victims of violence, eternal life and resurrection”

California Catholic Bishops Endorse Proposition 47 on November 2014 Ballot

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CCC logo-webOn behalf of all 12 California dioceses, the California Catholic Conference of Bishops today announced their endorsement of “The California Safe Neighborhoods Act,” which will appear as Proposition 47 on the November General Election Ballot. The statement represents the unanimous endorsement of the state’s Catholic bishops and will be distributed to 10 million Catholics throughout California.  Download a copy of the statement as a PDF in English or Spanish:

“Despite years of effort, the criminal justice system in California remains desperately in need of significant reform. Victims are not receiving much needed assistance in healing, the State’s over-crowded prisons are under Federal scrutiny, and rehabilitation programs barely exist in the State’s prisons.   An inconsistent patchwork of sentencing practices has been a major contributor to this unhealthy situation. So, too, failing schools and a woefully inadequate community mental health system are becoming merely preludes to prison. Incarceration does a miserable job of educating people and treating mental illness--but that has become the norm for California.

“The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act (Proposition 47) will provide educational support and treat mental illness where it can yield the best results for the communities of California. Prop 47 will eliminate the disparities in sentencing for certain non-violent crimes. It addresses prison overcrowding and sentencing discrepancies in constructive ways, and uses the savings for victims’ assistance, mental health programs, public education, drug treatment, and inmate rehabilitation. This will make our communities safer.

2014 Legislative Wrap-Up: What Lawmakers Have Wrought for California

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capitol-greenWe’ve listed some noteworthy bills below to give you a partial sense for the measures and priorities of the legislature during its two-year session. You can find out the fate of any bill by visiting the California legislature’s bill page; track the bills covered by the California Catholic Conference on our Legislative Reports page; or email the Governor on any issue – even one in which an Action Alert has not been issued – via our advocacy email portal.

Life & Dignity – One of the two Respect Life bills from Catholic Advocacy Day is now on the Governor’s desk: 
  • AB 1579 (Stone, D-Scotts Valley) would allow CalWORKs aid for eligible pregnant women during the second and third trimester. With this bill, we have the opportunity to reduce the number of children living in poverty and eliminate the incentive to terminate a pregnancy. (An Action Alert on AB 1579 will be issued next week.)
  • Our second bill, SB 899 (Mitchell, D-Los Angeles) would have repealed the Maximum Family Grant (MFG) rule but failed in the Senate Appropriations Committee. The author and sponsors of the bill vowed to bring the bill back next year. The MFG rule, is decades old and is basically punitive. It only serves to punish mothers for having another child.

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