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Because We
Are Catholic

Explore how Catholics around the Golden State are modeling mercy, encoutering those on the margins and living out the Gospel.  Learn ways you can get involved as you live out the works of mercy. 

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How do we fulfill our moral and ethical obligation as faithful citizens?  Materials approved for use in parishes from the California Catholic Conference and the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

Catholic Advocacy Day

Our Children!
Our Priority!

Catholics from around the Golden State will visit Sacramento to advocate on important issues - this year, with a special emphasis on bills that impact our children.  Learn about the issues.

Our Children! Our Priority!

Oftentimes, we define success by how much money we make or how many luxuries we acquire.  When you think about it, however, true success isn't about money or things.  It's about our health.  It's about our community.  It's about our kids. 

Have we set our children up to succeed or fail?  Have we provided them with the opportunity for a good education?  Have we given them a safe and stable environment that supports them at home and at school?  Have we protected all of God's children - the unborn, the migrant, the young and the vulnerable?

This year's Advocacy Day on April 25 will focus on the safety and well being of our children, and providing pathways to ensure they have opportunities to thrive.  

You can participate in the event, even if you are not present in Sacramento, by visiting our Action Alert page where you can join with the delegates to tell your elected representatives you care about the well-being of California's children.

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Funding the Abortion Industry

Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry receive millions of tax dollars but the funding carefully obscured.  But funding is only the start of the special treatment received by the industry. This three part series examines Federal and State funding of abortion and also takes a look at the special treatment the industry  given it under state law.  With a new majority in Washington, not only must funding be addressed but also the protection of individuals and institutions that object to abortion must be solidified.

Writings of Pope Francis

A selection of the writings from His Holiness examine the challenges facing families, our role in promoting human development while caring for our common home and what it means to evangelize in today's world.

Laudato Si (Praise Be) - Environment

Amoris Laetitia - On Love in the Family

Evangelii Gaudium - Proclaiming the Gospel

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