Directory of California Bishops

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Archdiocese of Los Angeles:
Archbishop José Gomez, Bishop Edward Clark, Bishop Alexander Salazar, Bishop Oscar Solis, Bishop Gerald Wilkerson

Archdiocese of San Francisco:
Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Bishop William Justice, Bishop Robert McElroy

Diocese of Fresno:
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Diocese of Monterey:
Bishop Richard Garcia

Diocese of Oakland:
Bishop Michael Barber

Diocese of Orange:
Bishop Kevin W. Vann, Bishop Dominic Luong

Diocese of Sacramento:
Bishop Jaime Soto
Bishop Myron Cotta

Diocese of San Bernardino:
Bishop Gerald Barnes, Bishop Rutilio del Riego

Diocese of San Diego:
Vacant, Bishop Emeritus Robert Brom

Diocese of San Jose:
Bishop Patrick McGrath, Bishop Thomas Daly

Diocese of Santa Rosa:
Bishop Robert Vasa

Diocese of Stockton:
Bishop Stephen Blaire