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June 13, 2014, Vol. 7, No. 20

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  • ACT NOW to End Abortion Funding in the Budget
  • Lawmakers Expected to Complete Budget this Weekend
  • Unaccompanied Children Crossing the Border in Record Numbers
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ACT NOW to End Abortion Funding in the Budget - Sometime during the budget debate this weekend, amendments are expected to be offered that would limit funding for abortion. Responding to our Action Alert earlier in the week, Catholic Legislative Network members have already sent thousands of emails in support of this effort. Thank you! If you have not already taken action, please do so immediately. The amendments could come up at any time. Click here to end abortion funding in the California budget.

Lawmakers Expected to Complete Budget this Weekend

California's legislators are expected to finalize the state budget over the weekend in order to meet the June 15 Constitutional deadline. Details of the plan have been slowly becoming public as the Budget Conference Committee began grinding them out on Wednesday.

Preliminary reports, however, indicate that two vital programs for which the Conference advocated -- assistance for legal permanent residents to complete their citizenship process and nutritional programs for low-income students who attend private school -- are apparently not in the budget. The Conference has continually urged officials to develop the budget by balancing prudent fiscal management with special care for those still recovering from the recession.

It looks like Governor Jerry Brown is mostly sticking with his fiscal restraint strategy while compromising on a few issues with fellow Democrats and finding ways to fund his priorities. After all, he has line item veto authority on every budget item and a strong approval rating so he is in a strong position.

For instance, the high-speed rail project -- which the Governor has supported even in the face of major opposition -- will continue to receive funding. The money is coming from California's cap-and-trade program designed to lower carbon emissions.

(Watch for a major battle on the project if Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) replaces Eric Cantor as Majority Leader in the U.S. House. McCarthy -- considered the front runner to replace Cantor - has repeatedly come out against funding high-speed rail in the Golden State.)

The State Budget will also include funding for more pre-school and childcare slots, although not at the level pushed by Democratic legislators. Affordable housing programs near public transportation will receive money from the cap-and-trade revenue as well.

Visit us at on the first of next week for more information on weekend developments and the final budget if, as expected, it is passed on Sunday.