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About Action Alerts

ccc action bannerWhy the flurry of alerts? Every bill must go through a minimum of four votes – the policy committee in the house of origin, a floor vote in that house and a repeat of the process in the opposite house. Some bills are assigned more than one policy committee and, if they involve spending, must go through appropriation or finance committees as well. Alerts may be sent for every committee and floor vote or they may be sent at the point in which they will have the greatest chance of success. It is important that you respond at every point in the process.  It’s natural to say “I already sent that alert” but if you receive another alert it is probably for a different committee, the floor or a different house.

Do I have to comment on my lawmaker’s website? After you complete an alert you might get a “canned” response from a legislator asking you to comment via his or her website. Rest assured your opinion is still registered. Going to a lawmakers’ site makes means less work for his or her staff – it saves them the step of transferring your Network email to their own data base.  However, using the Network makes it simpler for you and allows the Network to coordinate thousands of emails at once – one of the goals of an email any advocacy network.

What’s next? Generic viagra buy usa Viagra discount prices Approved cialis pharmacy As with any organization, the California legislature goes in cycles. After this busy committee time, lawmakers will shift to budget concerns next month. A lot of important policy decisions are made during the budget process so many alerts will focus on the Assembly Appropriations or Senate Finance committees.