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Proposition 66 Aims to Confuse Voters

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

This summer, the California Catholic Conference (CCC) endorsed Prop 62 to officially end the use of the death penalty in California. The Bishops also publically opposed Proposition 66, which would eliminate important safeguards put in place to help ensure innocent people are not executed.

Since the current death penalty was enacted in California in 1978, more than 900 individuals have received a death sentence.  As of October 2015, 15 have been executed, 102 have died prior to being executed, 747 are in state prison with death sentences, and the remainder have had their sentences reduced by the courts.  Most of the offenders who are in prison with death sentences are at various stages of the direct appeal or habeas corpus review process.

Proposition 66 is a confusing and poorly written initiative that will cost taxpayers millions, add layers of government bureaucracy leading to more delay and increase the risk that Californians will execute an innocent person. Since there are two competing death penalty propositions on the ballot this election cycle, the proposition that receives the most votes prevails.

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