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The California Catholic Conference (CCC)

is the official public policy voice of the Catholic Church in California.  We advocate with policy makers and the public to advance the Catholic vision of human life and dignity, the good society, and concern for those who are poor and vulnerable.  We educate Catholics and the general public.  We empower Catholics to put their faith into action consistent with Catholic teaching.

Mental Health

and Healing

A Pastoral Letter from the Bishops of California on Caring for those who Suffer from Mental Illness Addressed to All Catholics and People of Goodwill 

Promote the Common Good!

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Your messages to elected represenatives influence their decision. They represent you they must hear your voice.  Be an advocatate for life and dignity. 

California Stories

Because We
Are Catholic

Catholics live out the Gospel message by serving others in a variety of ways - from direct service to advocacy.  Unique ministries in California bring hope to thousands.

Being Well While Dying

Preparing for the End of Life
Catholic Teachings and Resources

According to leading experts in the newly formed medical specialty of palliative care, there is definitely an art to dying, a way to die well. This art, when practiced while alive and well, enables a patient to seamlessly, effortlessly, and spiritually make the transition to the next part of his or her journey.

Learn about Catholic teaching on end of life or trace the policy debate on physician-assisted suicide.


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Our Common Home

Bishops Issue Call to
Protect Our Common Home

Cherishing the many natural blessings of the Golden State while expressing growing concern with escalating threats to our world, the Catholic Bishops of California have issued a pastoral statement calling on all people to “contribute to the ecological well-being of our state.”

In God Calls Us All to Care for Our Common Home, the Bishops challenge the people of California to appreciate the beauty of the state and to apply – both individually and collectively – the teachings of Laudato Si’  in safeguarding our natural gifts.

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