2017 Catholic Advocacy Day Reports

A central element of Catholic Advocacy Day is communication back to Catholic Legislative Network members about how their elected representatives plan to vote on a certain issue. Click here for a summary of the positions taken by each elected representative visited by a delegation.  You will notice some interesting things as you page through the reports. For instance:

  • Many legislators will avoid giving a position on a bill that is not in their house yet.  They may be waiting to see if the bill is amended before it gets to them or they may be withholding their vote as a bargaining chip.  Or, with the press of legislative business in their own house they just may not have had the time to look at bills in the other house.
  • Staffers may be reluctant to give a position if they have not talked to their legislator yet but reliable staffers will always convey the thoughts of a delegation or a visitor to their boss so that he or she is aware of their constituents' thoughts.  
  • Some legislators were visited by two or more delegations so you may see several reports on a particular elected representative.  This is because the legislative district spans two or more dioceses.

How to Use the Report - Click on the heading of any column to sort the data based on that column's information.  For instance, click on the column "Legislator Name" to alphabetically sort the names in that column.  If you screen does not support the full height or width of the report, there are scroll bars to help you more through the data. Depending on your browser, the report may span several pages.  Look for the next page arrow (►) at the bottom of the page.

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