2018 Catholic Advocacy Day Bills

Here is a list of the Advocacy Day Bills that will be lobbied by Catholics from across the state of California in Sacramento. 

AB 1862 - Immigration services: grants (Backgrounder Ver. 1) (Espanol)
AB 2269 - CalWORKs: eligibility (Backgrounder Ver. 1) (Espanol)
SB 320 (as amended) - Public health: public postsecondary education: on-campus student health centers: abortion by medication techniques (Backgrounder Ver. 1) (Espanol)
SB 1214 - K-12 Teacher Professional Development (Backgrounder Ver. 1) (Espanol)
SB 1391 - Juveniles: fitness for juvenile court (Backgrounder Ver. 1) (Espanol)
AB 2701 - Victims of Violent Crimes: trauma recovery centers (Backgrounder Ver. 1) (Espanol)

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