Catholics Providing Relief to Renters; Ladauto Si’ Week


Catholic Agencies Prioritize Housing Relief During the Pandemic

Whether it’s a health-related event, job loss, or other significant financial hardship, COVID-19 has struck the most vulnerable Californians the hardest

Emma, one of Catholic Charities San Francisco’s thousands of rental assistance clients who lives with her teenage daughter in a small, one-bedroom apartment near Candlestick Park, lost both of her jobs during the pandemic.  By the time her first unemployment check arrived in June, her rent was already three months behind, and her landlord was threatening to evict them.

“I needed help,” Emma said.

Gloria del Mar Garcia Lemus, Catholic Charities case manager, was the one to answer Emma’s call. “Families are facing unbearable financial burdens,” Lemus says. “They have used up their savings and are facing eviction. In addition to assistance with their emergency rent subsidy applications, we provide them with emotional support.”

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