Latest on COVID-19 Vaccinations


This week, the FDA voted to approve the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children ages 6-11. The approved dose is one-third of the adult dosage. The vaccine could become available to children in this age range as soon as next week when the CDC is scheduled to meet to consider approval. Moderna is also seeking regulatory clearance for their vaccine for ages 12-17 – likely to be approved in the next few weeks –  and is expected to do the same for ages 6-11 later this year. 

California has already rolled out booster vaccines for those over 65, who work in healthcare or other high-risk settings, or have other conditions that put them at high risk for severe disease. Check with your healthcare provider for more information. Patients have also been given the green light to mix-and-match vaccines, not needing to stick to the manufacturer they originally received.

Visit our vaccination page for statements from the CA bishops and the Pope on the vaccine, as well as other educational materials.

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