Legislative Session Ending

CA Capitol

This year's legislative session ends tonight (Sept. 10), and things are fast and furious in the Capitol as lawmakers attempt to get bills passed before the midnight deadline.

Governor Newsom will have 30 days from Sept. 10 to sign or veto any bills that are sent to him. In a twist on the usual process, the gubernatorial recall election is next Tuesday, Sept. 14., and could be guiding political decisions being made at the Capitol now.

SB 380, the bill extending physician-assisted suicide, will be hitting the floor for a vote soon. Please take time to send an alert to your legislator now, letting them know you oppose this bill. If SB 380 passes, please be sure to look for alerts to send to Gov. Newsom asking for a veto of the bill, in addition to others for significant bills the CCC has been tracking.

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