New Study Shows Catholic Schools Outperform Public Schools

New Study - Catholic-Schools

California Catholic School Data shows that Catholic schools outperform public schools on two standardized assessments.  Renaissance Data following the impact of COVID-19 shows that from the fall of 2020 to the spring of 2021, Catholic schools ranked 4% below pre-covid expectations in math, and public schools ranked as much as 11% below pre-covid expectations in math.  In reading, California Catholic schools performed at 1% above pre-covid benchmarks, while public school students performed at 3% below pre-covid expectations.

On the NAEP (National Report Card), Catholic school students scored 293 on a scaled score compared to 281 for public school students in math and scored 278 compared to 262 in reading.

California Catholic schools lost zero days of instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic by starting distance learning via zoom and then hybrid learning, followed by going back to in-person as soon as waivers for the most vulnerable groups were approved. 

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