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Carol Hogan

Carol Hogan, Director for Pastoral Projects and Communications, has been employed by the California Catholic Conference (CCC) since 1989. In January 1995 she was appointed Director for Communications, following her work as an assistant in both the Department of Education and the Communications Department. In 1999, following four years of part-time study, she received her Masters in Theological Studies from the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley and her duties at the Catholic Conference were expanded to include directing selected Pastoral Projects for the California Bishops.

From 1999-2002 Mrs. Hogan worked on a project for the California bishops,Embracing Our Dying, which was their effort at engaging and educating parish leadership in the theological, medical, legal, bioethical, political and pastoral perspectives on death and dying, end of life issues and Parish Ministry. In connection with that project she has designed and launched a website,, and produced a 22 minute video, Embracing Our Dying, as well as an accompanying study guide.

Mrs. Hogan is responsible for the drafting and or editing CCC statements and various CCC-publications, including materials used in parishes when the bishops take a position on a ballot initiative.

Mrs. Hogan acts as liaison with the state's Catholic newspaper editors, the diocesan communications directors as well as with the (arch) diocesan respect life, family life, post-abortion healing and natural family planning coordinators/directors

Mrs. Hogan provides the secular news media with Catholic news and views on current issues and offers ethical and theological perspectives to diocesan staff—upon request. She makes herself available to speak on a variety of contemporary issues from a Catholic point of view. In addition she occasionally gives testimony during Legislative committee hearings primarily on life and bioethical issues.

Mrs. Hogan has been married 42 years and is the mother of three young adults and the grandmother of two toddlers.

March 27, 2014 Carol Hogan

This year, the California Legislature has presented us with a rare opportunity—two bills we can support based on the whole of Catholic social teaching. They are SB 899 and AB 1579. But first, some background.