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CA Appellate Court Upholds Ruling Against Physician-Assisted Suicide

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May 31, 2018

An appellate court’s judge ruling released last week means that physician-assisted suicide will remain illegal in California at least until a decision is released by the appellate court after a hearing.

On May 15, Riverside County Superior Court judge ruled the End-of-Life Option Act unconstitutional  and halted its enforcement. Last week, the appellate court denied the California Attorney General’s request for an emergency stay while asking attorneys on both sides for additional information.

“We are very grateful and encouraged that California courts continue to find the law legalizing physician-assisted suicide unconstitutional. We realize there are many steps in the legal process still to go, but rulings seem to be accumulating against this terrible piece of legislation,” said California Catholic Conference Executive Director Ned Dolejsi in a statement on the decision.

Physician-assisted suicide has been in effect in California since June 2016. It was challenged by the Life Legal Defense Foundation.  The ruling on constitutionality was based on the fact that the End-of-Life Option Act was approved during a special session of the legislature meant to deal only with health care issues.  Attorneys for the Foundation argued that doctor-assisted suicide is not health care and the judge agreed.

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