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Catholic Household Blessing & Prayers

Families can use Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers to:

  • Learn essential prayers that Catholics need to know by memory
  • Practice the simple form of the Liturgy of the Hours
  • Celebrate the feasts and seasons of the Church year in ritual and prayer
  • Bless the advent wreath, Christmas crèche, and Easter foods
  • Lead grace before and after meals
  • Pray for family members
  • Bless the home before a move and in times of trouble

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Prayer Cards for Married Couples, Mothers, Fathers, Families

The prayer cards can be used to celebrate the institution of marriage-what the union means, and how coming together and working together promotes unity, strength, stability and helps sustain relationships. Prayer cards can be left in the Church vestibule, used for pre-nuptial and general marriage counseling, and stocked in bookstores.

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Family Life

January 10, 2012 Marriage and Family Life, Family Life

Due to the convergence of two initiatives whose sponsors are seeking their placement on California’s November 2012 ballot, we Catholic bishops have been presented a unique teaching moment on life and family.

As Catholics, we believe and teach that we bear the image of God.  We come to life as the result of humanity’s collaboration in God’s creative work. Ordinarily, each child is the result of the loving union of a man and woman who have formed a family.The family then cradles the newborn, raises up the child and guides the young person’s development to adulthood.  As citizens, we believe that government serves best when it supports families in their irreplaceable task of nurturing the next generation.

November 29, 2011 Marriage and Family Life, Family Life

Catholic Marriage Preparation, Inc. (CMP) is dedicated to the building of strong Catholic marriages.  With God being the source and foundation of marriage, it is foremost a spiritual journey.  CMP is deeply rooted in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

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November 22, 2011 Marriage and Family Life, Family Life

On February 21, 2012 the coalition, the official proponents of Proposition 8, petitioned the entire Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to review the smaller panel’s February 7 decision in which they ruled 2-1 that California’s state amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman was federally unconstitutional.