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Insights: Legislation Moves as Deadline Nears; U.S. Navy Seeking Chaplains

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June 2, 2017

Major Movement For Several Key Pieces of Legislation

With today being the deadline for bills to clear their house of origin, this week saw major movement on several bills that the California Catholic Conference (CCC) is tracking. Thank you for the thousands of emails you sent this week to ask lawmakers to measure their impact on life and dignity as they voted on these bills.

Last minute votes include some very troubling bills:

AB 1396, dubbed The Uniform Parentage Act (Burke, D-Inglewood) cleared the Assembly floor on Thursday. The CCC is strongly opposing this bill because it revokes all connections between a surrogate and the child she bears - lawfully making a child’s biological mother “irrelevant.”  Watch for Action Alerts in the weeks ahead so you can inform Senators, who will now take up this bill, of its detrimental effects.  (See how your Assembly Member voted here.)

AB 569 (Gonzalez-Fletcher, D- San Diego), which targets religious employers who expect faithful public and workplace conduct by their employees, also passed the Assembly. Although supporters of the bill try to suggest that this bill is necessary to address some type of widespread problem, there are actually NO substantiated claims of discrimination in the workforce that reflect the “problem.”  (View the vote here.)

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California Bishops’ Statement Addressing California’s Budget Still Relevant

In November of 2011, in the height of the “Great Recession,” the California Catholic Bishops released a statement outlining the moral framework in which to shape a California state budget.                          

More than five years later, our economic outlook is brighter, but the principles addressed in that statement speak louder than ever as both the California legislature and the federal government negotiate and seek to approve budgets for the upcoming fiscal year.

According to Catholic teaching outlined in the document, the dignity of the human person, the pursuit of the common good, and the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity all provide the context to make wise budget decisions. With major funding cuts to social service programs, and the need for increased infrastructure and likely medical care needs, this moral framework provides a compass with which to weigh these and all other measures.

“This personal recognition that we are all invested in the common welfare of California must transform the debate on California’s budget priorities into a true dialogue about shared sacrifice among partners,” wrote the Bishops.

Read the statement here.


Follow the Catholic Conference on Facebook for Latest Updates

As news and other updates will be released at a frantic pace in this next month before the legislative recess, make sure to follow the California Catholic Conference on Facebook for updates.

As we look to heed the civic calling Christ places in our lives to promote the common good, Facebook is a gateway for the latest information and needs pertaining to the State legislature. Developments happen quickly and social media is one of the ways to keep up.  Some of our most recent posts highlighted bills moving through the legislature and the urgent need to contact lawmakers. This is also vitally important as budget negotiations continue to take shape and bills are passed before upcoming deadlines.

You’ll also find the latest issues of Public Policy Insights, videos, events and other resources on our Facebook page. There’s even a story on iconic baseball broadcaster Vin Scully and his Catholic faith.  ‘Like’ us today!


Navy Seeking Chaplain Recruits

The United States Navy is currently recruiting maritime chaplains to join their Chaplain Corps.

No matter where they are, or what their assignment is, America’s Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen have a need to practice their faith and to receive moral and spiritual support. Navy Chaplains and vital to serve everyday spiritual needs in often challenging situations.

“As we serve a nation which holds the free exercise of religion as a fundamental aspect of our national identity, we ask our young men and women to serve in places that are often isolated or far from home. Having religious leaders who represent the religious diversity of our services members is essential to providing for their spiritual needs,” says U.S. Navy Commanding Officer J. Rodriguez.

Click here for more information on this unique ministerial opportunity.


Archbishop Gomez: The Christian Is One Who Has A Vocation

In this season of graduations, baptisms, first communions, confirmations and ordinations, its important to recognize Christ’s calling on our lives, which precedes any earthly vocation we choose to pursue.

In his recent op-ed on vocations, Archbishop José H. Gomez writes, “Every soul is called by God. You and I would not be here — we would not have been born — unless God called us into existence.”

Every Christian, by definition, has a vocation — because every Christian has heard and answered that call of Jesus Christ, “Follow me.”

Read the piece in its entirety now.


June 2, 2017
Vol. 10, No. 19