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Legislation, Physician-Assisted Suicide, Water Tips

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May 8, 2015

Action Continues on Catholic Advocacy Day Bills

Catholic Advocacy Day legislation is moving right along through the Capitol.  All bills have already cleared their policy committee(s) and are now in the Appropriations Committee.   If the funds are available for the specific program(s) then a bill will move to the floor of its house of origin to be debated and voted on by members of that house. Then it will go through the process all over again in the other house. 

Any bill that involves more than $150,000 in expenditures will go to “suspense.”  This means that the Appropriations Committee is waiting until the State’s revenue picture is more certain.  Those projections – to be released next week - are made in the Governor’s May Revise, his final budget proposal before the legislature takes its turn to chart the financial course of the Golden State.  

Thank you for all you do to advocate for these bills, please keep up the good work and hopefully some of these bills will cease to continue through the process.  If you need to check on the status or need background information, all can be found on our website.

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Physician-Assisted Suicide Scheduled for Monday Hearing

California’s infamous attempt to legalize physician-assisted suicide, SB 128 (Wolk, D-Davis) will receive another hearing on Monday in the Senate Appropriations Committee.   With their thousands of emails, Catholic Legislative Network members have been successful in raising doubts on the legislation as it limps through its third Senate hearing.

If you received an Action Alert earlier in the week on SB 128 it means your State Senator serves on the Appropriations Committee.  Your voice is particularly important so if you have not already taken action, please do so now.

You can take action on many bills by visiting our Action Center page.   Please be a witness to life and dignity in California.

The Appropriations Committee meets Monday morning at 10:00 a.m.  in Room 4203 for what we anticipate to be a relatively short hearing. If you live in the Sacramento area, we urge you to attend this hearing and voice your opposition to this bill. If you are able to attend, please arrive early and to show our solidarity for this important issue please wear blue.

Drought Ignites Water Debate in California

California’s climate, which is notoriously cyclical, is now in its fourth year of drought.  The Governor has set a high standard for urban conservation and fire fighters are preparing for one of the worse fire seasons they have ever known.

“Water is essential to who we are as human beings,” said Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento and president of the California Catholic Conference of Bishops. “Our reliance on water reveals how much we are part of creation and creation is a part of us."

Last year’s Prayer and Reflection Resources for Relief from Drought is even more important now.

For water saving tips and drought information, visit Save Our Water.

Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Research shows that one in five children and one in five adults in the United States will be affected by mental illness in a given year. Although millions are impacted by mental illness, people often feel isolated and unsure of where to turn for help.

Saddleback Church works in conjunction with the Diocese of Orange to host a two-day long conference in October that empowers individuals with mental health challenges. To learn more about how you can start a mental health ministry in your church, register today.

We hope all mothers have a blessed and happy Mothers Day!

May 8, 2015, Vol. 8, No. 18, En Español

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