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Redistricting Commission Needs Your Help
We Draw the Lines California, the California Citizens Redistricting Commission charged with drawing boundaries for federal and state legislative boundaries, is seeking your help to establish new district lines.
Budget Passes with Unresolved Issues; Dignity and Dementia
Lawmakers pass a budget but funding questions remain; SB 380 moves forward but without some important votes; millions of Catholics needed to protect the Hyde Amendment; Kathleen Domingo takes over as Executive Director of the CCC and a new book on the Church's response to treating dementia with dignity in this week's Insights.
State Budget Passes with Unresolved Funding Questions
Though lawmakers and the Governor were able to agree on a record-breaking $262.6 billion state budget before the July 1 fiscal year began, negotiations continue on the exact level of funding for several items.  Those specifics are detailed in what are called “budget trailer bills.”