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$1 Million Grant for Restorative Justice Programs

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February 3, 2014

The Restorative Justice offices of nine California dioceses will share a 2-year, $1 million grant from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) to bring healing and empowerment to communities dangerously impacted by poverty and violence and to strengthen and promote Restorative Justice throughout the state of California.

“Restorative Justice” refers to a series of programs and policies intended to help victims of crime get the support they need to carry on with their lives, but, just as importantly, to support programs and raise awareness about the need to assist offenders and their families in ways that combat recidivism and help offenders successfully reintegrate with society.

The grant will provide training and support for local leaders and community organizers active in the Restorative Justice movement, research on the impacts of the crime and the criminal justice system in California, and the creation of model programs for the integration of ex-prisoners into family and community life.

In some dioceses, such as San Diego, it will also allow for the hiring of a full-time staff person to run their Restorative Justice Mediation Program, which helps juvenile and adult offenders reconcile with their crime victim by showing them the damage their crimes have done, while working with law enforcement and the courts to provide an alternative to incarceration, such as restitution or community service.

The (arch)dioceses taking part in the grant are Fresno, Los Angeles, Monterey, Oakland, Orange, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco and Stockton. For more information, contact Debbie McDermott dmcdermott@cacatholic.orgor see our Restorative Justice page for more stories on the topic.