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Abortion Co-Payment Bill Fails in Assembly Health Committee

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May 28, 2020

The Planned Parenthood-backed bill Assembly Bill 1973 (Kamlager – D, Los Angeles), that would have eliminated deductibles, co-payments, or other cost-sharing requirements for abortions under Medi-Cal, a health care service plan, or an individual or group disability insurance policy, failed to secure a hearing in the Assembly Health Committee and will not be moving forward this legislative session.

The failure of the bill to move forward illustrates the Legislature’s narrow choices this year forced upon the state by the pandemic.  Under the direction of legislative leaders, all bills are to be limited to COVID-19, wildfire safety, or homelessness. In addition, lawmakers are focused on passing the state budget, which has a June 15 constitutional deadline.

Budget subcommittees are beginning to outline some of the priorities and goals they are considering. To view the available budget breakdowns: CA Department of Finance I CA State Senate I CA State Assembly (TBD)