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Governor Vetoes AB 926 - Bill that Would Allow Sale of Women’s Eggs

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August 15, 2013

AB 926 was vetoed by Governor Brown on Tuesday, August 13th.  If AB 926 had been signed into law, it would have allowed payment to women who donate their eggs for research. The California Catholic Conference opposed this bill  because it would have put women’s health in jeopardy and would have created a  marketing dynamic designed to exploit women who are most in need of resources—college students, immigrants and women with economic challenges. 

Ned Dolejsi, Executive Director of the California Catholic Conference commented, “I commend Governor Brown’s decision to veto this bill which the California Catholic Conference opposed. As Governor Brown said in his veto message, ‘Not everything in life is for sale nor should it be.’ We agree with the Governor’s wise analysis that 'in medical procedures of this kind, genuinely informed consent is difficult because the long-term risks are not adequately known. Putting thousands of dollars on the table only compounds the problem.'"