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New “Renewing a Culture of Life” Publication Available

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The Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN) has announced a new publication presenting the Catholic Church’s teaching on the death penalty and restorative justice. Entitled Renewing a Culture of Life: The Death Penalty, Restorative Justice, and Catholic Social Teaching, the booklet was produced by CMN in close collaboration with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Department of Peace, Justice & Human Development. Its purposes are to incorporate recent papal statements on the issue of the death penalty, to record the gains that have been made toward the goal of ending capital punishment in the United States, and to provide data related to this progress. This booklet aspires to fully embrace the commitment to the sanctity of human life that is central to Catholic teaching.

A sample copy of the English text of the booklet is available here.

A sample copy of the text in Spanish is available here.