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Physician-Assisted Suicide Hotline

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March 31, 2016

On Wednesday, the Senate Health Committee passed SB 1002 (Monning, D-Carmel) – End of Life Option Act: telephone number. This bill would provide a toll-free telephone number that Californians can call in order to receive information on physician-assisted suicide.  It will now move to the Appropriations Committee.

The main proponent of this bill, Compassion and Choices, voiced their concerns over being the only group available to answer questions about the assisted-suicide law that will take effect on June 9.  Not wanting to be liable for disseminating information regarding the law, they prefer have the state take on this responsibility and expense acting as a “neutral” party offering clarifications.

Our opposition questioned the need for another state expense when the authors of the original bill (AB 2x 15 Eggman, D-Stockton) claimed this was a personal matter between patient and physician and that the state has no involvement except data collection. Any state funding should be spent on medical care and for better palliative and hospice care.

Thank you for all your emails to the members of this committee so far. The alert will remain active and we encourage your continued advocacy against this unnecessary bill.

Please ask your Senator to vote “NO” on SB 1002.