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Session and Recall Election; National Migration Week
A big week for politics in the Golden State; National Migration Week and World Day of Migrants and Refugees; Archbishops defend St. Serra and his legacy; Hispanic Heritage Month, and Catholic pediatricians on the fears of vaccinating children in this week's Insights.
Help Defeat SB 380; Pray for Hurricane Ida Victims
You are needed to help stop physician-assisted suicide from expanding; assisting and praying for Hurricane Ida and wildfire victims and placing your vote in the recall election in this week's Insights.
Budget Gets Solidified; Child Tax Credit Payments
State budget gets solidified before lawmakers head out on recess; the CA redistricting commission needs your help drawing lines; Laudato Si’ planning website revealed; Child Tax Credit payments begin and the first annual Grandparents Day in this week’s Insights.
Budget Passes with Unresolved Issues; Dignity and Dementia
Lawmakers pass a budget but funding questions remain; SB 380 moves forward but without some important votes; millions of Catholics needed to protect the Hyde Amendment; Kathleen Domingo takes over as Executive Director of the CCC and a new book on the Church's response to treating dementia with dignity in this week's Insights.
SB 380 Moves; CCC Supports Death Penalty Repeal
Physician-assisted suicide bill moves through committee; CCC testifies at death penalty hearing; the Supreme Court upholds religious freedom, and Santa Clara University releases informational video on the COVID-19 vaccines in this week's Insights.