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January 27, 2017 Public Policy Insights, Publications

Planned Parenthood and its Favored Treatment under California Law

January 20, 2017 Public Policy Insights, Publications

State and Local Funding of Planned Parenthood

Part two in a three part series:  Why did California boost funding for abortion services during the Great Recession but eliminate funding for life-saving mammograms? How does Planned Parenthood continue to be funded into the millions in the state despite the fact that public polls show Californians do not want to pay for abortions? While this financial information is startling, it is only one part the elaborate web of political privilege that Planned Parenthood has weaved.

January 13, 2017 Public Policy Insights, Publications

Federal Funding of Planned Parenthood

How is Planned Parenthood funded? What special legal exemptions have been carved out for the industry? As the new Republican-controlled Congress takes up the question of defunding Planned Parenthood, understanding the specifics is critical – but funding is only part of larger concerns that must be addressed.  This piece is the first in a three part series examining the funding mechanisms and special treatment Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry has received.  

January 6, 2017 Public Policy Insights, Publications

California Legislature Back in Session

California lawmakers returned to the State Capitol this week to begin the next two-year legislative cycle.

This year’s class of elected officials includes more than 20 new members who have not previously served as a state lawmaker. While there are now more Latino and Asian members than in the past, there are four fewer female lawmakers.

December 16, 2016 Public Policy Insights, Publications

Syria Crisis: Assistance for Refugees

Syria’s escalating civil war has killed more than 400,000 since the unrest began in March 2011. Tragically, the death toll continues to rise, and more than 6.6 million people are now internally displaced. Thousands of people have fled to neighboring countries and Syrian families struggle daily to survive.

December 2, 2016 Public Policy Insights

November 11, 2016 News, Public Policy Insights

CCC Expresses Surprise and Disappointment in Loss of Prop 62

The following statement was released by Edward “Ned” Dolejsi, executive director of the California Catholic Conference of Bishops:

“Yesterday’s elections were the culmination of a long and contentious election season marked by cynicism and alienation.  Nevertheless, California’s voters fulfilled their civic duty and placed their votes.   The democratic process, once again, demonstrates that the will of the people is sovereign.

November 4, 2016 News, Public Policy Insights

California Bishops Urge Respect and Calm During Election Season

Bishop Jaime Soto, President of the California Catholic Conference, issued the following statement on behalf of his fellow Bishops in California:

Animosity and hyperbole has characterized the current election season.  This should give all people pause.  The natural and healthy exchange of ideas, critical to our democratic system has devolved into anger, intolerance and increasing alienation.

October 7, 2016 News, Public Policy Insights

Being Catholic and Voting in 2016

The U.S. is in the midst of a contentious presidential election. The major candidates for the presidency have deeply divided opinions on numerous issues and neither come close to fully supporting important principles in Catholic social teaching. Additionally, Californians are facing significant ethical questions on the November ballot in issues like repealing or altering the death penalty, marijuana legalization, and gun control. This quagmire has led many Catholics to the unfortunate temptation to remain passive and not vote at all.

September 30, 2016 News, Public Policy Insights

In this edition:

  • Catholics and the Death Penalty
  • Governor Brown Acts on Bills as Signing Period Ends Today
  • Cardinal Dolan Launches 2016-2017 Program with Respect Life Month Statement
  • Bishop Vann Organizes Relief Benefit for People of Amatrice, Italy

Catholics and the Death Penalty