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Restorative Justice

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Reducing Violence

If crime is a wound, justice should be healing.” - Howard Zehr

Crime tears at the fabric of all communities, particularly in neighborhoods that are struggling economically. Restorative justice activities bring people together and empower them to work for safety, services and programs that heal.

Learn more about restorative justice for communities  

Caring for Survivors of Crime

We encourage and stand with victims and those who assist them. A fundamental moral measure of the criminal justice system is how it responds to those harmed by crime.” - U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Learn more about restorative justice for survivors of crime and their families

Aiding the Incarcerated

Restorative Justice extends to those who commit the crime. Those rightfully convicted must face the consequences of their actions, but that shouldn’t mean being deprived of their dignity. Basic human rights must extend to all people.” - U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Learn more about restorative justice for offenders and their families

Restorative Justice in Schools

Restorative justice represents a shift in the way our schools respond to behavior and promote discipline. It offers an alternative to zero tolerance policies that have proven to be ineffective and in fact have increased push out of students into the school to prison pipeline.

Learn more about restorative justice in schools

Chaplaincy Information & Support

Chaplains are leaders in sharing the traditions, practices and ministry of the Church in the unique setting of a prison or jail. Chaplains believe in and advocate for restorative justice practices, both inside and outside the prison walls.

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