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Diocese of Monterey Makes Restorative Justice Part of Deacon's Convocation

April 25, 2016

A series of short classes presented by Restorative Partners became part of the Diocese of Monterey's training for deacons at a convocation in March 2016. The classes dispelled the misconception that restorative justice simply means ministry to the incaracerated. The 38 deacons and their spouses learned about the many ways restorative justice helps to rebuild communities. Several expressed a new interest in restorative justice work. The diocesan Office of the Diaconate and the Office of Social Concerns are working together to place them in new ministries. Topics presented during the day included:

  • Alternatives to Violence, Light and Lively Exercises
  • Crime: A Ripple Effect
  • What Is Justice?
  • Reentry and Mentoring Storytelling
  • Mind, Body and Spirit Programming

For more information, contact
Deacon Warren Hoy at, (831) 645-2845