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Dispelling the Myths about Prop 47

September 30, 2016

The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, also known as Prop 47, is two years old in November. This article by Fred LaPuzza, Diocesan Director of Restorative Justice in Orange, helps understand where we are with Prop 47 implementation today.

"The passing of Proposition 47 (Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act) in November 2014 continues to cause a whirl of controversy amongst community members, law enforcement and within the political arena. The initiative was supported by the California Catholic Conference of Bishops, as well as the Office of Restorative Justice Directors throughout the state. These Catholic clergy and lay leadership representatives recognize the prop 47 initiative as being consistent with the recommendations of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops document Responsibility, Rehabilitation and Restoration on Crime and Criminal Justice and within the basic tenets of Catholic Social teaching. They also recognized the potential for achieving greater public safety as a result of the initiative. …" Read the full article >>