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A Latin Mass Schola at San Quentin?

August 10, 2018


Last night, [the] new Benedict XVI Institute Schola and Teaching Choir went to San Quentin for three reasons:

First to give men forgotten by many in society the uplifting experience of pure Sacred Beauty—with music performed by four very talented professional singers.

Second, to teach these men they can chant too; Just hearing these men chant the Litany of the Saints together was inspiring! Our Benedict XVI Institute Schola and Teaching Choir is not just a performing choir: we aim to show ordinary Catholics they can participate in the Mass in this special way.

So our third and most important goal last night was: to invite the men at San Quentin to form a schola that will help bring back the Traditional Latin Mass on August 25. (A schola is a fancy word for a singing school especially for the Mass).

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