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March 1 to Be a Day of Empathy in Sacramento

January 25, 2017

The newly formed organization, Healing Dialogue and Action, announced today that a Day of Empathy will be held on March 1, 2017, in Sacramento, California. This gathering will serve as a special opportunity for families of murder victims, families of incarcerated people serving extreme sentences, formerly incarcerated individuals, and restorative justice advocates to come together in solidarity. 

Day of Empathy is grounded in the concept that both personal interaction and the opportunity to act for the greater good through advocacy create pathways of healing. Participants will meet with State legislators to discuss the power of compassion and our shared interest in achieving meaningful criminal justice reforms that help keep all our communities safe and families together.

"We hope that you will join us in opening hearts and minds to the possibility of redemption, justice, and transformation," says Javier Stauring, a founding member of Healing Dialogue and Action.

For more information call:  (424) 240-9486