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March is Juvenile Justice Month

February 18, 2016

Juvenile Justice Month of Faith and Healing is an annual event that unites congregations of all faith traditions, high schools and universities in California to raise awareness of individual, community, and social needs arising from the current juvenile justice system.

The month is a time to open our hearts and minds through prayer, education, service, and advocacy. The events through the month will initiate a dialogue between offenders, victims, and the community regarding the causes of crime and will suggest structures needed to prevent youth from becoming engaged in the cycle of violence.

The long term goal of Juvenile Justice Month of Faith and Healing is to offer young offenders hope and alternatives to a lifetime as a hardened criminal, while society implements more fully the principles of restorative justice.

Participate in Juvenile Justice Month of Faith and Healing with your prayers, service, and/or action at your place of worship, school or university.

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