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Operation Cooperation in Fresno Builds Ties Between Chaplains and Parish Pastors

July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017 – Based on the success of a program launched last spring by the Diocese of Sacramento, the Diocese of Fresno held its first Operation Cooperation on June 19, 2017. Bishop Armando Ochoa invited chaplains from all thirteen facilities located in the diocese and pastors from the parishes near the prisons to participate.

The goal was to find new levels of cooperation in serving both prison and parish communities. Participants came up with ideas about how to work together better such as:

  • appointing a lay person to be the liaison between the pastor and chaplain and sit on the parish council
  • encouraging chaplains to increase their visible presence by volunteering at the parish

Everyone acknowledged the challenging workloads of both the pastor and chaplain, but supported the need to work together to meet the needs of the prison population.   
If you are interested in pursuing such a partnership for your diocese, please contact: 

Clyde Davis
Chaplain Specialist for the CA Catholic Conference