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A pilot program in the Restorative Justice Ministry of the Diocese aims to help parolees re-enter society

July 25, 2018

After 30 years behind bars, Doris Frey stood at the threshold of freedom and hesitated. Life on the outside was now a life unknown.

 “They opened the gate and I just stood there…What’s waiting for me out there?” recalls Frey.

 That’s a question the Diocese of San Bernardino is helping her answer with the new Bridges Mentoring Program. It’s aim; support Catholic parolees as they rebuild their lives. Bridges will assist them in finding work, a parish and even contribute money for rent, food and clothing. Frey is the first, the test case, on which Bridges will be based. Though she briefly waivered during her release, something clicked...literally.

Read more about this program in the Inland Catholic Byte from the Diocese of San Bernardino.