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Proclaiming a New Vision for the Central Valley

December 29, 2016

The PICO National Network has launched Faith in the Valley, a new organizing effort that consolidates five multiracial, multi-faith PICO federations. Faith in the Valley will build on work accomplished over the past 15 years in five counties of California's Central Valley: Fresno, Merced, Kern, Stanislaus and San Joaquin.

This group's mission is to put faith into action in the public square, and to advance a movement for racial justice and health equity. Faith in the Valley represents 120 congregations and over 100,000 people. As part of the PICO National Network, it will continue to be our community partner in the work for restorative justice in communities, prisons, schools, and parishes.

For more information, contact: Curtis Smith, Interim Director (209) 639-8025.