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Restorative Justice Act Becomes the Law!

September 27, 2016

GOOD NEWS!!! Today California Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2590, the Restorative Justice Act, into law. 

AB 2590 is a modest but important step in the move to make our current determinate sentencing scheme more flexible and effective, and to begin to move California’s criminal laws away from a system that relies solely upon incarceration and punishment in its treatment of offenders. The main features of this bill are that it removes the word punishment from Penal Code section 1170, subdivision (1), and changes the purpose of sentencing to public safety. In addition, it encourages the Department of Corrections to provide opportunities for education and rehabilitation to all inmates, not just non-violent felony offenders and those with short sentences.

The California Catholic Conference has co-sponsored this bill introduced by Rep. Shirley Weber. We appreciate everyone’s work throughout this past session to make this day possible. 

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