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The Restorative Justice Act Goes to Governor Brown for Signing

September 1, 2016

After eight months of work, this week AB 2590, our restorative justice bill, passed out of the Senate and Assembly and is now heading to the Governor’s desk. So now is the time for you and all your organizations to begin sending letters of support to the Governor. Attached is a sample letter for your use. Please send your letter to:

Governor Jerry Brown, State Capitol, Sacramento, CA 95814
Please cc: Dan Seeman, the Governor’s Staff person handling this issue (at the same address)
Email a copy to: Linda Wanner, CCC's Associate Director for Government Relations, 

Over the months our Faith Coalition's lobbying team had many conversations with  judges, CDCR, restorative justice experts, DAs, Police Chiefs, and the State Sheriffs Association, along with advocates who are working with inmates, families, and victims. Each step of the way in order for the bill to move forward we needed to sit down with those various groups to talk about what our bill is to accomplish and how best can we do it together. Sometimes we had to disagree how to get to that goal. In the end, we accomplished what we set out to do—we inserted restorative justice into our penal code. The voting record appears in the photo so you can see who supported the bill in the end.

Our penal code is saturated with laws that are punitive. It is hard to make a change to that system, but this was a beginning—a huge win for us. We thank you for being a part of this journey.

And now onward to the Governor for a signature.

Language of the approved bill >>