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On-Site Prayer Services for Murder Victims in San Mateo County

August 10, 2017

There were three murders in San Mateo County in the past two of months. On Monday August 14, the Restorative Justice Ministry of San Mateo County will conduct prayer services at the site where each murder occurred. The services will be led by Deacon Martin Schurr of St Vincent de Paul, Restorative Justice Ministry of San Mateo County

9 am: Edward Allison
The 100 block of Myrtle Ave in Burlingame
Mr. Allison was killed on July 23. He was 53 yrs old.  

9:45 am: Dejohn Jones
566 Ralston Ave. (apartment Complex) in Belmont
Mr. Jones was killed on Aug 5. He was 24 yrs old.   
10:45 am: Thomas Blue
800 block of Main Street, Half Moon Bay
Mr. Blue was killed on July 27. He was 57 yrs old.   

Please include these men and their loved ones in your prayers along with the accused and their loved ones.

For more information, contact Deacon Martin Schurr,