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Survivors of Crime Rally in Sacramento

April 4, 2017

This week hundreds of people whose lives have been impacted by violent crime gathered in Sacramento for Survivors Speak 2017. Participants marched to the Capitol calling for policies that prioritize healing, prevention, rehabilitation and recovery—not more prisons and jails. California's gubernatorial candidates and other speakers addressed the rally.

"Our work is not done until all of our communities are safe from the cycle of repeated harm and until all of us have access to the resources we need to heal," said Anna Cho Fenley, Director of Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice.

There was an appreciation dinner on Monday evening, April 3, attended by supporters from the California Catholic Conference. In the photo, left to right: Alma Zamora, Cheryl Ward-Kaiser, Debbie McDermott, Linda Wanner and Julio Escobar.

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