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Two Powerful and Surprising Voices Join the Fight to End the Death Penalty

September 16, 2016

A California billionaire and the widow of a slain San Leandro police officer have both decided that the death penalty doesn't create a safe community.

Tom Steyer this week threw his support behind Proposition 62, a November ballot measure that would repeal the death penalty in the state. Steyer, a potential gubernatorial candidate and the president of NextGen Climate, said California had spent $5 billion to put 13 people to death since 1978 — or $384 million per execution. “The death penalty is an expensive and failed policy that California can no longer afford,” Steyer said in a statement. “Proposition 62 will save Californians $150 million a year, provide victims with swift and certain justice, and make sure no innocent person is mistakenly executed by the state.” Read the full article >>

Dionne Wilson is the widow of a San Leandro policeman who was shot to death by Irving Ramirez in 2007. Since Ramirez was sentenced to death, she's changed her view on the death penalty and now supports Proposition 62 which would abolish it. Read the full article >>