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Volunteer Training: Gang Awareness

A Two-Session Course. The second session is December 4, 2017. You must complete both sessions to receive certification credit.

Session one:
- Purpose of training
- What this training is not
- What is a gang?
- What gangs offer youth
- Profile of progressive gang involvement
- Gang structure
- Gang facts
- Current trends
- Basic characteristics of gangs (3 types)
- Causes for joining a gang
- Where did gangs come from?
- Gang recruitment
- Gang initiation
- Cycle of gang violence
- Getting out of a gang
- Staying out of a gang (What works and what doesn’t)
- How we minister

Appendix includes: Gang members 12 Step Recovery, common terms and definitions, attire and look, language, list of most active O.C. gangs, graffiti, tagger crews, tattoos, hand signs, photo’s and resources.

Session two:
- Probation Dept. presentation
- Parish Outreach
- Question and answers

Presenter information: 
Diocese of Orange
Diocese of Orange Pastoral Center
Contact Person: 
Fred LaPuzza
Contact Phone/Email: 
(714) 282-4261
Saturday, November 18, 2017 -
01:30 to 08:30