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2015 Reports

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Friday, May 15, 2015

After becoming familiar with the issues and hearing last minute updates on legislative maneuverings, Catholics from around California spread out into the halls of the Capitol to bring a message of life and dignity to lawmakers.

Nearly 150 delegates, from 10 dioceses in the state, spent the day in Sacramento as part of the annual Catholic Advocacy Day.  The exchanges were overwhelmingly respectful and, for the most part, lawmakers were generally clear on their positions.  This was especially true of the some of the more attention gathering issues such as physician-assisted suicide and the more bipartisan issues such as establishing an earned income tax credit to benefit the working poor.

More than half of all State Senators and Assembly Members were visited.  (Click on the link below for full summary charts.) The delegates not only focused on statewide bills but they also brought up issues important to their particular dioceses.  (For instance, the Diocese of Stockton spoke to their legislators about extending the provisions of AB 32 to limit greenhouse gases.)

Delegates also faced some challenges common to all constituents visiting the lawmakers – busy schedules, staffers unclear on their boss’ position and a legislator trying hard not to take a position on a controversial bill.

You can read reports from all the visits, including the individual observations and impressions of many of the delegates, on our Catholic Advocacy Day page.  You will also find any votes recorded for each lawmaker.  There are only a few at this time but we will add to them as future votes are recorded.

Read the full report.