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Reverence for Life


N = No position
S = Support
S+ = Support if amended
O = Opposed
O+ = Opposed unless amended
CDCR = California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation
CDE = California Department of Education
CDHCS = California Department of Housing & Community Services
CSU = California State University
DHS = Department of Health Services
DMV = Department of Motor Vehicles
DPH = Department of Public Health
FDA = Food and Drug Administration
HPV = Human Papillomavirus
LGBT = Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered
NSP = Naturalization Services Program


Using this Report

  • Click on the bill number to read the current text of the bill.
  • Select the author's name to visit his or her website.  (Warning: This takes you away from this website.)
  • To send an email to the author, use the Catholic Legislative Network system by clicking here.
  • YELLOW on the progress bar indicates where the bill is in the legislative process.
  • GREEN on the progress bar indicates a bill has become law or that a resolution has been adopted by both houses.
  • Resolutions do not have the force of law -- they merely express the sentiments of the Legislature.